Lower Back Pain- Symptoms And Causes

Lower Back Pain- Symptoms And Causes

Although the causes of lower back pain are numerous, the most common are osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. The two are often connected, and degenerative disk disease is caused by spinal disks’ natural wear and tear. Acute stress and accident-related trauma are also common causes of low back pain. An adult lumbar and thoracic spine contains 17 bones and cushiony disks to absorb pressure and cushion nerves. Each disk consists of an outer ring and an inner gel. If you are experiencing one of them, you need to see lower back pain specialist in Dubai.


One of the most common causes of lower back pain is a tumor. A tumor in the spine is a sign of a more serious disease. It usually starts in another part of the body and metastasizes elsewhere, such as the kidney, thyroid, or lung. Several other types of cancer, autoimmune disorders, and muscle strain can also cause back pain. A physical examination by a physician is the best way to find out which condition you have.

Age and obesity:

Age and obesity are also common causes of back pain. Ageing affects the disks in the spine, and these tissues become weaker over time. People with large body weight are more likely to suffer back pain. This may be due to an increase in weight that puts pressure on the back. In addition, weak abdominal muscles may contribute to strained muscles, resulting in back pain.

Overusing or overstretching:

Overusing or overstretching can also lead to lower back pain. If the muscle is stretched beyond its capacity, the spine is misaligned and can cause a painful muscle spasm. Other possible causes of lower back pain are sleeping positions or strained muscles. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to avoid sitting for prolonged periods and exercise as much as possible. Further, back pain is usually the result of improper sleeping positions or improper lifting.

Injured or weak back:

An injured or weak back can cause symptoms ranging from stiffness and inflammation to degeneration and disability. An unhealthy or weakened back can lead to various problems, including poor posture, muscle imbalance, and a sprained ligament. While an injury may cause some types of low back pain, a misaligned spine is often a symptom of a more serious health condition.